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Common Questions and Answers

What do I need to do to apply for an apartment?
  • After filling out a prospect card our rental agent will get in touch with you. If you pre-qualify we can set up at time you can see the apartment. At that time you will need to fill an application.
  • You will need to bring to the office a money order for $50.00 - $75.00 for the non-refundable processing fee.
  • You will need to bring to the office a valid state issued photo id.
  • You will need to bring to the office your social security card or passport.
  • You will need to bring to the office proof of income which includes your 3 most recent pay stubs, and if applicable an ssi/ss award letter and any other source of income.

* Please note all family members which are 18 years of age or older are to provide the above information, all documents are to be originals (photo copies are not acceptable).
** Completion of a rental application does not insure approval for rental of an apartment home.

Question: My credit may not qualify me for an apartment. Can I apply with a co-signor who will not live with me?
Answer: Yes, having someone co-sign with you for the apartment can improve your chance that your application will be approved. However, the co-signor must be able to afford the cost of the apartment as well. The co-signor must also realize that they will be just as financially responsible as you are for any damages, rents, fees and any other charges for the entire time you live there.

Question: Why can't 5 people live in a 2 bedroom (or 3 bedroom live in a 1 bedroom)?
Answer: We have found that up to 2 people can sleep comfortably in a bedroom. Any more than this can create an overcrowding situation and possible fire or health hazard. Most cities also have local ordinances that limit the number of people in an apartment, based on the bedroom size. We have also found that having more occupants in apartments often leads to more noise and disturbances of neighbors.

Question: Am I allowed to have a pet in my apartment?
Answer: Restrictions apply and vary at each location.

Question: What is renter's insurance and do you provide it?
Answer: Many residents believe they are covered by our insurance if something happens to their belongings, if someone is injured in their apartment, or if they cause damage or injury to someone else on the property. The truth is your belongings are not covered, and you could be sued if you are responsible for causing damage or injury. You can purchase renter's insurance from any agent that offers it.